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The latest addition to the Niki D Collection is highly sought-after Cenmade Laser Professional Neoplasma Fibroblast Pen. This device is a must have for all Plasma Fibroblast Specialists. This professional quality plasma fibroblast pen is a fraction of the cost of similar devices and works to the exact same standards.


This pen comes with the following attachments and features:


* 1 Copper Straight Needle

* 1 Copper Bent Needle

* 10 Fine Needles

* Acne Tip

* Acne Tip Cover

* Lifting Tip

* Permeating Tip

* Fractional Tip

* Tip Collets

* Needle Collets

* Dedicated film for acne tip

* USB Charging Cable

* Rechargeable Battery

* Continuous Mode

* Pulse Mode


This pen comes with a limited 6- month manufactures warranty free of defects, not subject to normal wear and tear or use by end user.


*Previous students receive special promotional price. Contact for discount.


NOTE: This pen does not include training and or support on how to employ or utilize this device. Purchasing this pen is an acknowledgment that the purchaser understands and is trained on this device removing Niki D Beauty Studio LLC from all legal liability.

Plasma Fibroblast Pen (Neoplasma)

  • There is no refund or return policy due to the cosmetic use of the item.  Limited 6 month warranty

  • Shipping to be calculated at checkout

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