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About Niki D

Niki D is a renowned figure in the beauty and aesthetics industry, serving as the owner of Niki D Beauty Studio LLC. 


With over a decade of experience, she has gained immense recognition as a 2X award-winning artist, certified master trainer, and educator. She has been instrumental in creating and developing numerous courses in the beauty and aesthetics industry and is considered a subject matter expert.

The Niki D 411

Specializing in the latest techniques in Plasma Fibroblast Training, Lip Blush Training, Nano Infusion Facial Therapy Training, Semi-Permanent Foundation Training, and Plant Cell Facial Therapy Training, Niki has garnered a reputation for being a pioneer in the field. As a certified master trainer and educator, she believes in providing individualized attention to students, ensuring they receive the necessary guidance and support to succeed.

Niki's passion for education extends beyond the classroom as she aspires to inspire, support, mentor, and share her knowledge with women from all walks of life. With a personal focus on assisting marginalized women, women of color, and women with social and economic challenges, she aims to help them create a better life for themselves and their families.

Niki's motto, "Let's create your future together," reflects her unwavering commitment to her students and clients.

Her dedication and expertise have earned her recognition as "California's Leading Plasma Fibroblast Trainer" by Markets Herald Magazine.


Additionally, Niki D Beauty Studio® is a registered trademark with the USPTO, solidifying her position as a leader in the beauty and aesthetics industry.


Her dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence have made her one of the most sought-after beauty and aesthetics experts in the industry.

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