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Plasma Fibroblast

What is Plasma Fibroblast?

Step into the future of skincare with Plasma Fibroblast! This innovative procedure offers a cutting-edge solution for rejuvenating your skin, and it's not just for your face. From head to toe, Plasma Fibroblast is your go-to for skin lifting and tightening on all areas of the body. By targeting the outer skin layer, Plasma Fibroblast delivers remarkable tightening and smoothing effects, without the need for surgery or injections. Say farewell to fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin as you embrace a more youthful, radiant appearance. Experience the revolution in skincare with Plasma Fibroblast

and discover the confident, vibrant you.

How Plasma Fibroblast Works

Discover the cutting-edge solution to youthful, radiant skin

Plasma Fibroblast. This revolutionary procedure harnesses the power of plasma to stimulate controlled micro-stimulation on your skin, activating your body's natural healing process and boosting collagen and elastin production – essential for achieving a vibrant, youthful complexion.

Versatile and Effective

Say goodbye to multiple skincare concerns with Plasma Fibroblast! Suitable for various areas of the face and body, including the under eye area, forehead, neck, stomach, arms, and hands, this procedure also addresses acne scars and pigmentation issues, leaving you with smooth, flawless skin.

Safe, Effective, and Minimal Downtime

Embrace beauty without compromise! Plasma Fibroblast offers a safe and effective alternative to traditional cosmetic procedures, with minimal downtime and no scarring. The results speak for themselves – long-lasting, natural-looking improvements that enhance your confidence and radiance.

Join the Skincare Revolution

With its ability to provide significant skin tightening effects without the risks associated with surgery or injections, Plasma Fibroblast has taken the cosmetic industry by storm. It's a game-changer, offering individuals a chance to reclaim their youth and rejuvenate their appearance.

Meet Your Expert

At Niki D, we're passionate about helping you achieve your skincare goals. As a certified master trainer and recognized subject matter expert in Plasma Fibroblast skin lifting and tightening, we're dedicated to delivering exceptional results tailored to your unique needs.

Experience the Niki D difference

Contact us today for a consultation and discover the transformative power of Plasma Fibroblast!


Boost your beauty, boost your confidence

With Plasma Fibroblast, the future of skincare is brighter than ever! 

Regain your youth, and love your face again!

Free Consultations | Please Text or DM pictures with areas of concern, 1-866-860-6454


Plasma Fibroblast Treatment Areas

*Upper eye

*Lower Eye

*Upper & lower eye 

*Crows feet

*Lip flip


*Full face 


*11 lines

*Upper arms

*Inner thighs


*Brow lift


*Fibroblast Facelift

*Neck lift

*Breast lift

*Full Stomach

*Belly Button

*Smile lines

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