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Updated: Sep 25, 2022

I’m starting in the beauty and aesthetics industry, I don’t know who to be?

This is a common problem with new service providers. As you watch tenured and popular social media influencers it’s hard to get lost and question how you should interact with clients.

I recommend, just be you!

Be friendly, be personable, be polite, be genuine, and most importantly be knowledgeable in your craft.

Always be honest, always be friendly, and just be you. Greet your clients just like you want to be treated when receiving a service. As a client or when receiving a service, you want to be respected, and appreciated. That’s the same way you should treat and speak with your clients.

Don’t fall for catchy phrases like doll, babe, and other less than professional conversation. Always carry yourself and speak as a sincere and genuine professional.

Speak from your heart, be you, be genuine, be the person your clients can trust, and always do things for the right reason.

Niki D

Niki D Beauty Studio

The Niki D Blog


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