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Niki_D is the owner of Niki_D Beauty Studio LLC.

Niki_D is a 2X award winning artist, certified master trainer, and educator. She has assisted in the creation and development of numerous courses in the beauty and aesthetics industry and is viewed as a subject matter expert. She specializes in and teaches the latest techniques in Plasma Fibroblast, Lip Blush / Lip PMU, Mesotherapy, Semi-Permanent Foundation (BB Glow), and Derma Lip Blush.

She believes the most critical part of teaching is being able to immediately analyze a student who knows they have a question but doesn’t know how to ask it. Her experience as a certified master trainer and educator allows her to help students when they need help the most. This is accomplished by interacting with students and being there for them when they need guidance and support. She loves teaching and loves discovering the potential in her students when they don’t even know it exists. She firmly believes as an educator every single interaction with a student is the possibility to create inspiration in someone’s life which goes far beyond that moment in time.

Niki_D aspires to inspire, support, mentor, and share her knowledge with women yearning for a better future. Her personal focus is to assist marginalized women, women of color, and women with social economic challenges create a better life for their families.

Niki_D’s motto is “Let’s build your future together.”

Niki_D Beauty Studio ® is a registered Trademark with the USPTO.


Niki D Beauty Studio

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