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Updated: Jun 17


From California to New York there are women dreaming of a better life. The dream is universal and touches every person regardless of ethnicity, gender or social economic background.

The dream lies within everyone; I want something better, I want to provide more for my family, I want to own my own business.

I remember years ago sitting at my 9-5 job, tired of working for someone who didn’t appreciate my hard work and being passed over for promotion because I wasn’t lunch friends with the boss. I remember thinking I want more, I can do more, I want to be my own boss, and open my own business.

I did my research and targeted a field that I was always interested in and focused all my energy to making my dream a reality. Like so many other women before me, I took a calculated leap of faith and made my dream come true.

I launched my own business with an idea of making other women feel beautiful about themselves and helping them regain their lost confidence. I dreamed of making women feel special and falling in love with themselves again.

That business idea was a success, because I didn’t focus on making money, I focused on making other women feel great about themselves. This business model was based off morals, ethics, values, and building women’s self esteem so that they could feel better about who they were as a person.

With the popularity of my services, my business ideas shifted to empowering women on a different level. I took all my life’s lessons learned and decided I was going to help make a change in other women. I know the feeling of hating your job and not being valued as an employee.

So, I took all those ideas and emotions and created training programs for other women who were like me. Women wanting change and needing a support network to succeed. Women who wanted out of the work rut and who wanted to create successful business in the beauty and industry like I had done.

I created training programs that are designed for any person regardless of education, experience, or monetary background. I created training programs so that any person could land on their feet and hit the ground running. I did this because I found my dream of being a small business owner revolved around helping other people reach their highest potential.

I found professional success and a feeling inside my heart that was overwhelmed with gratitude and a sense of purpose. I followed my heart and found my calling in this world.

Trust me when I say, “that dream was planted in your heart for a reason.”

I’m Niki D, the owner of Niki D Beauty Studio

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