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Passion versus purpose

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Is your passion aligned with your purpose?

A common misconception is that your “passion” must be your purpose. A passion as it relates to business is doing something that you love to do. A “purpose” is something that may be your personal or professional calling and it impacts others around your for the better.

From a personal standpoint I absolutely love making women feel better about themselves and helping them regain their self confidence. When a client says “I love it” or tears up from joy, I know that this is my passion. I absolutely love helping other women feel beautiful again.

But my purpose does conflict with my passion. Though I love helping women find that personal self confidence again, I do believe my purpose in life is to help other women succeed as small business owners. To hear the gracious comments from my students and how grateful they are for everything I’ve taught them is worth all the hard work and dedication it takes to be a enthusiastic educator and trainer. My heart sings with joy when I hear my students successful stories; I live vicariously through their joy.

So does your passion and purpose conflict or are they in-line with one another?

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I’m Niki D ®️, owner of Niki D Beauty Studio LLC, let’s discuss your passion and purpose and how I can help you define them.

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