My morning routine usually starts off with a cup of coffee. That first sip, and that taste of bold coffee with a bit of sugar reminds me that I’m alive and shakes the morning drowsiness away.

Sound familiar?

Having a cup of coffee gives me a moment to think about my day, get mentally focused for the challenges at hand, and brings a moment of clarity to my life. It’s a small opportunity for some “me time” before I get going on the day and tasks at hand.

How ever you start your day, it should always begin with a moment to focus on you. I understand that as mothers, wives, or head of the household we are always pulled in different directions. But if it means getting up 10 minutes earlier to have that moment for yourself, my recommendation would be just make it happen. Remember you are the captain of your ship; you are the person that directs your life. There is no better way to find personal focus than taking a moment to reflect on your day ahead.

Did you know that mentally preparing in a positive way can have such a big impact on your day and the rest of the week? By creating a routine, you become consistent, and consistency is the key that sets winners apart from others. As a professional your day should always be planned and never left to chance. Creating a timeline or a mental picture of your to-do list for the day is an important way to account for the day’s opportunities.

Being self-employed or having your own business means you’re in charge. You set the tempo, you create the strategies to make your business successful or not. Having that moment in the morning whether you drink a cup of coffee or just listening to some music is a way to capitalize on one of the most important traits we possess, self-evaluation.

Dreams and opportunities are wasted every day because they lack a clear plan and consistent actions to make that dream a reality. Always seek to do better, always ask yourself,

“what can I do today to improve as an artist, or small business owner.”

Take a moment for yourself, you deserve it, you need it, and bring some clarity to your day; for me its starts with coffee.

I’m Niki D, the owner of Niki D Beauty Studio

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