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This journey called life is full of moments of pure joy and moments of uncertainty. A common concern for new artists or women who are attempting to reinvent themselves is finding their path.

What does “finding your path” mean and what does it look like? Is it a monetary gain, is it a sense of belonging, or is it being insta-famous on social media?

Let me say that as a woman, just like you, I have been down this road. I have reflected at my professional position and felt like I was in a rut. After 15 years in the medical field, I knew that this wasn’t the path for me. I found myself wanting more, I found myself dreaming of opening that business I always wanted.

The decision to change and take a leap of faith wasn’t easy. It meant leaving everything I’ve known, everything I was successful at. It meant sacrificing, time, energy, and facing uncertainty. Yet, even with all these perceived complications, the decision to find my own path was easy.

Why was it easy?

Because I knew that there was something more important to me than being comfortable or settling. I knew that deep down inside I had this dream of helping other women. I had a love for the beauty and aesthetics industry and knew that I could find a niche to make my very own. Yes, it meant facing setbacks. Yes, it meant facing the fear of failure. But most importantly not making change meant not following my path and being true to myself.

The result of following your own path may look like an unachievable goal. Yet living with regret is worse than the possibility of failure.

Where am I today?

I have found what I love to do, I have found personal and professional success in helping other women succeed in life. I have found my path by helping women reinvent themselves and helping them create a better life for their families.

I have found my path; I live in peace knowing that facing the unknown wasn’t as scary as it first seemed.

Find your path, don’t let uncertainty hold you back. Finding your path means finding who you are and what you were meant to become. Challenge yourself, fulfill your dreams, and “find your path.”

Niki D




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