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Updated: Apr 14, 2022


As a service provider setting yourself apart from others is key. There are many ways to accomplish this task but it will always be in the details.

My motto as a trainer is “every detail matters, because you matter to me.”

Viewing your work environment, your social media presence, and the way you provide services in this same mindset will help separate you from others.

✔️ Be prompt and ready for every client.

✔️ Send a thank you to every client.

✔️ Greet every client with warmth and sincerity.

✔️ Always look for a way to improve your


✔️ Invest time in your business, time is free.

The success of my students is very important to me. It’s key for me as an instructor and how I interact and connect with every student. I focus on every detail and adapt as needed. There is no cookie cutter student and for you as a service provider there is no cookie cutter client. Having a “every detail matters” business mindset doesn’t cost money, just dedication and focus as a service provider.

Niki D

Niki D Beauty Studio


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