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Integrity is one of the first things I teach my students about. It’s something that will make or break your business. Your integrity is all about how you conduct your business and treat your clients.

As a beauty aesthetic specialist, having integrity matters. Integrity is about being honest and having strong morals. You’re upfront and transparent with your clients while being confidential about their treatments and personal information.

I’m sharing with you the lesson that I give all my students. If you want to be a successful in the beauty and aesthetics industry, you should have integrity in everything you do.

What is integrity as a beauty aesthetic specialist?

Integrity is about being professional, transparent, and confidential. You should follow these three principles with every client that you work with.

Transparency is important as a beauty aesthetic professional as you want your clients to understand the treatment that you’re giving them. Being as open and up-front about the treatment and what it entails as possible. You want to be honest in everything you say to your clients.

Pre-appointment consultations are an easy way to ensure your customers know what the treatment entails and creates a great first impression with your client. As a trainer I focus on the consultation because the consultation is where you build trust and confidence with your clients. It also is a reflection of your knowledge and skills.

When you have integrity, your clients will feel like they can trust you. It’s the baseline for developing a relationship with your clients. Without integrity, you won’t be able to build the relationships that will turn your business into a success. In my past videos, I’ve discussed building relationships is the key to ascertaining referrals and building your client list.

Understanding client confidentiality

You should take confidentiality in your salon as possible. Your clients expect you to protect their personal information as though it was their own. Breaching confidentiality is when you share your client’s information with a third party without their permission.

One thing you want to do is to ask for your client’s express permission before posting photos on social media. While most clients won’t have any issues with you doing so, it’s always best practice to ask first. My courses include legal and social media consent forms so that you’re as transparent as possible.

How to act with integrity

You should act with integrity every time you deal with clients. It’s not just about keeping their information confidential or being transparent. Integrity also includes how you behave with your customers.

You want to be as professional as possible. Never talk badly about another specialist or behave in a way that might make your client feel uncomfortable. Be honest in your discussions with clients. You want to make sure they understand how their treatment works, including speaking to them about after-care and potential side effects.

Having integrity as a beauty aesthetic specialist starts with having the right training. Your clients are trusting you to have the skills and experience to safely carry out their procedure. It’s no different from when you visit your doctor for a consultation or treatment.

One way that you can act with integrity is to stay on top of your training. Treatments and safety standards are constantly evolving. As a beauty aesthetic specialist, you should regularly sign up for training to stay on top of the latest developments within your field. As an industry expert, my training courses offer everything you need to know about your chosen procedure to allow you to act with integrity.

I’m Niki_D, let’s create your future together.

One decision can change everything.


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